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Chintzy Stetson is here to captivate you with the new single ‘Tight Bend’

Chintzy Stetson, a Geordie emerging pop artist who made his debut in 2021, isn't hesitant to voice his stance. Having already astonished BBC Introducing and selling out three headline shows in London, Chintzy has a debut EP on the way, making 2022 something to look forward to. This time, releasing a lo-fi-style single is both thought-provoking as it is reflective. 'Tight Bend,' the new single, features piercing vocals, sweet and driving guitars, mesmerising violin sounds, and eloquent writing to create an ambient sonority that one could get lost in. Captivating, and accompanied by a music video that creates an audiovisual environment in which you can correlate every word he tries to convey.

When speaking of the new single, Chintzy reveals:

“The track is about when the carousel goes too fast and all the spinning plates wash into one tie-dye of hell. It’s very much a vomit of regurgitated information absorbed through my television during the second lockdown. I wrote it in one go and recorded it at home in London through the pandemic and sent it to Tom Ungerer (Sam Fender) to produce it. It was originally 16 verses but has been cut down to 5.”

Having had turmoil in life, the rising star feels nothing but gratitude for the support he received thus far. Buoyed by admirers and loaded with an arsenal of red-hot pop, he’s ready to unleash his sound to the masses, assembling a full band, and releasing his debut EP just later this year, making Chintzy an intriguing talent to watch.



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