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Chloe Star shares stadium-filler ‘Wasted Youth’

Chloe Star has returned the first teaser of her debut EP, the ferocious new single ‘Wasted Youth’. Blending a gritty rock nostalgia into her pop performance, Chloe Star continues to exude a confident misfit persona, diving into impassioned performances that already seem to have a stadium of voices behind them. Delving deep into personal struggles to craft her lyrics, she balances relatability with authenticity, crying out over the rich bed of distorted guitar and heavy drum rhythms and leaving all of her energy out on the floor.

Chloe dives into the single, “The process of writing Wasted Youth was definitely a vulnerable session. I finally felt like I was able to share/talk about this experience on a bigger scale. The song is about how I was "gooned" at 16 and taken to a wilderness treatment program for 3 months. In the writing, I share my real experiences of what went on while being out there. I wanted the listener to really be able to visually understand what went on and I feel like that was properly executed. I am really excited to share the music video because I feel like that will give a better understanding of what the song is about. In the video I relive the entire experience. The process of shooting the music video was definitely tough. It brought up a lot of different emotions and truly at the end of it, it felt like closure from this period. This project has given me the opportunity to share my story and move through all the kept emotions. Now I get to share my story with the world and connect with people who relate to having a wasted youth.”

As an indigenous singer, songwriter, visual artist, and tribal advocate, Chloe has emerged as a powerful voice. Raised between Los Angeles and her family’s reservation in San Bernardino, Chloe found refuge in journaling, poetry, and music amidst a chaotic upbringing, going on to teach herself piano and guitar to begin transforming into the artist we know today. Reflecting honesty and raw emotion within her vulnerability, Chloe’s roaring sound is poised to take the world by storm.



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