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Chris Aguilar releases fierce R&B single ‘End Of Me’

Chris Aguilar recently released an alluring new R&B anthem in the form of new single ‘End of Me’. From the very first moments, a warming atmosphere emerges, with rich processing introducing vocal chops and sleek chords. Pounding drums seduce the listener from all angles, injecting a smooth energy into Chris’ impassioned vocal performance. Crying out into the atmosphere with a sense of hurt, intensity and romance, the vocals ride into a fierce chorus, the lead lines slowly captivated by electronic processing. The track is addictive in its production and tempting in its delivery.

Aguilar shares his connection with the track, “End of Me is a Climactic Pop/R&B song about the universal and emotional experience that love can evoke from falling in love and finding the right person you’ve been searching for prior to being hurt too many times before.”

Hailing from West Texas, Aguilar is emerging as a rising star for his innovative approach to R&B production. Garnering over 300,000 streams since her debut, and opening for the likes of Ludacris, Rod Wave and NB Ridaz alongside US tours, Chris is building a strong fanbase around his engaging visuals and enchanting sounds.


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