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Cris Cap unleashes summer vibes in his new EP "Feel The Love"

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Cris Cap is thinking summer in his latest offering. An R&B, soul and funk melting pot with Tyla Raé adding a powerful vocal top line. Groovy drums and bass work together to provide a strong backbone on the tracks that allow scope for infectious melodies to ebb and flow together on top, providing a perfect summertime track. Smooth melodies are sure to linger with you, with brassy synth riffs dripping over the pair’s passionate vocals.

Talking about the new EP, Cris Cap shares:

“This is a love duet EP. I invited Tyla Raé to sing these duets with me, we recorded the vocals in London. Tyla is wonderful. I love her silky and shiny, soft voice. She catches my musical ideas so perfectly and transforms them into her own world, adding so much more sensitivity and delicacy to the songs. She is part of the London R&B scene where she joins a lot of collaborators. I also love her spectacular arranging skills when it comes to recording backing vocals and harmonies!”

He further shares:

“With my passionate music I want to give back to the listeners the positive emotions that they already carry inside. Sometimes these are hidden, but music has the ability to bring them out. Music is unique, it gives us feelings that no other art can. It is the art that can also comfort us very well and help us get through very difficult moments.”

Cris Cap has already received support from the likes of Unrecorded, Roadiemusic, RGM and Indietop39 and is looking to top the coverage with this impressive offering. With a wealth of musical knowledge, we think he can go right to the top.



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