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Chris Sangster releases personal album "Find A Way"

A journey from Virginia to Los Angeles created a wealth of emotions for Chris Sangster and he decided to document them in the best way possible.

‘Find a Way’ is an album these experiences are written about, distills into catchy, insatiable pop/rock tunes. Whilst pop acts are an influence, the different pop acts that Sangster has taken inspiration from provides him with his own mould in sound. It is part Tame Impala, part MGMT, part Bowie and part Kanye all mixed through his own vision.

Discussing the album further, Chris shares: “The album is loosely about my journey from Virginia to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. It touches on my quest for love, understanding, acceptance, peace and success in one of the most difficult but rewarding industries and cities. The album is a journey, from the opening track ‘Find a Way’ where the main character is lost in a new place, looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places. He then journeys over the course of the next 8 songs looking to drugs, romance, friendships, and of course music for fulfillment in this new place. He eventually arrives at a place of peace and understanding by the final two tracks. ‘Sunbeams’ describes him reuniting with a lover from his past and finding true happiness in their partnership. ‘The Only Way’ is the culmination of the album where we find our main character still grappling with the world around him but approaching it from a place of peace and love for all those around him as opposed to the selfish man who set out on the journey 9 songs ago. From ‘Find A Way’ to ‘The Only Way’ - this album is my story, but it is representative of anyone who is chasing a dream and hoping to find themselves along the way.”

Chris has been a full time freelance mixer and producer ever since forming Sangster Sounds. Through all of that he has always kept writing and recording his own music, and with musicianship in abundance he felt the time was right to release a work of art he was proud of.


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