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Christian Cohle shares a new aspect to his sound on ‘Spinning Heart’

Christian Cohle may be known for atmospheric electronic bops but that doesn’t mean he isn’t afraid to shake things up with new additions to his sound. ‘Spinning Heart’ takes down the pace with the addition of acoustic instruments, diving deep into the breakdown of a relationship in the captivating fashion that could only be accredited to Christian.

“Spinning Heart's title was inspired directly by one of my favorite Irish author's books, by Donal Ryan, titled 'The Spinning Heart'. I borrowed the title and made it reflect my own predicament at the time during a really difficult breakup I went through when Covid first hit. I felt like my life was just spinning along, moving forwards but directionless. I was being spun around by the pain, the loss, the confusion, the doubt caused by having to end what was a really beautiful relationship.”

This new era for Christian begs the question of where he is headed next, but it guarantees to be sublime.

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