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Claudia Fenoglio releases powerful new single ‘Forever’

Pushing to become an artist at the forefront of the growing UK folk scene, Claudia Fenoglio has been making waves in the press with her recent run of singles. The Leeds based artist balances intimate and familiar, ethereal and otherworldly, with her initial tracks ‘19 Again’ and ‘Like It Never Was’ starting to grow her fan base. Since then, she has been backed by BBC Introducing, BBC6 Music and Youth Music.

‘Forever’, the final track leading into Claudia Fenoglio’s new EP., is an evocative, gentle but powerful track that captivates both your attention and your emotions. An acoustic guitar outlines the chords and the drums provide the movement, providing a consistent bass for wistful electric guitars, ethereal synth melodies. Claudia’s lyricism is once again shown to be seriously strong, creating a world around the theme of being stuck in place, afraid to move back, unready to move forward. The vocal performance is equally emotionally-charged, with a gorgeous array of harmonies surrounding the angelic but biting lead vocal.

Claudia explains, “Forever is about being in my own head too much and not being able to leave. I think when I get sad or hurt, I tend to get an overwhelming fear that things won’t ever change again- that was the inspiration. The song also includes the title line of the EP, which relates to how songwriting is a reflection of how you feel in the present.”

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