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Cloud Companion Unveils Soul-Stirring Synth Pop Ballad 'Can U Hear Me'

Rising musician and songwriter Cloud Companion, hailing from Austin, proudly presents their latest single, 'Can U Hear Me' which is out now for music lovers everywhere to enjoy. This heartfelt synth pop ballad delves into the depths of navigating anxious emotions and finding reconciliation after a conflict with someone dear to your heart. 'Can U Hear Me' serves as the inaugural release from Cloud Companion's highly anticipated debut solo album, 'Ordinary Time' set to release later this year under the esteemed Flyer Club Records label.

Renowned for their notable contributions to the sensational collaborative performance group TC Superstar, Cloud Companion embarks on a captivating solo endeavour, spearheaded by the talented musician and songwriter, Aaron Chávez. Cloud Companion's musical style beautifully fuses elements of bedroom pop with introspective exploration and meditation. Aaron's creative process revolves around expressing the intricate connection between cosmic and human perspectives, delving into non-dual spirituality, and seeking the profound within the mundane moments of everyday life.

Leading up to the highly anticipated release of 'Ordinary Time' Cloud Companion plans to release a new single each month, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the artist's evolving soundscape. We can't wait to hear more of Cloud Companion's captivating soundscapes and heartfelt lyrics.

Check out 'Can U Hear Me' below:

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