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Connor Kelly & The Time Warp return with their euphoric new single 'Roy G. Biv'

Ever since they first emerged, Knoxville-based outfit Connor Kelly & The Time Warp have been seen as one of the more adventurous names doing the rounds today. With a fresh and dynamic approach to the glittering grunge-rock sound, spread over a number of highly-praised studio albums, they now return with their euphoric new outing 'Roy G. Biv'.

Arriving in the wake of their much-loved LP 'Distant Forest' last year, 'Roy G. Biv' sees them continue that broad and tantalising direction they have become synonymous with. Dazzling with a bright and uplifting aesthetic that perfectly compliments Kelly's own delightful vocal performance, they have returned for 2023 with one of their most infectious releases to date here.

Dabbling in a broad and soaring psychedelic energy throughout their newest offering, it feels like the band are venturing into the next phase of their musical evolution. With such an inviting presence throughout their songwriting and production, we can't wait to hear where they plan to take this sound next.

Enjoy 'Roy G. Biv' below.


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