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Conrad Ashton Shows What He's Made Of With New Track 'The Longest Night'

2020 has been a jam-packed year for Conrad Ashton, and the singer-songwriter has gone from strength to strength. With every release - and that's included two singles and an EP - this artist has shown his talent for crafting catchy pop-rock songs. New single 'The Longest Night' is no exception. It's perhaps his strongest yet, with a double-entendre at play. You may wonder whether this is a love story or something more sombre - and the artist keeps you guessing. Whilst previous single 'Celebrate Life' was a cut-to-the-chase ode to life itself in all its splendour, this latest release has a darker side. What is 'the longest night'? Perhaps the next step of a relationship, perhaps the unknown in another sense of striving for goals that feel unattainable. We like the ambiguity that Ashton creates, leaving the listener to add their own meaning. 

Conrad Ashton is impossible to label for this reason - his songs are always about life itself yes, but because they explore its twists and turns, you never know what you're getting next. This is a beautiful single from Conrad... you should definitely add it to your playlist.

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