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Cristina Hart releases hard-hitting new single "Crash"

Cristina Hart had a very successful year last year, with her previous single 'Never Be Her’ landing 2,000 pre-saves, gaining 1m TikTok views and gathering support from the likes of EARMILK, POPMATTERS, BBC Intro Essex and BBC Radio 1 Mollie King Best New Pop. Cristina Hart had taken some time off to focus on herself and her mental wellbeing, but she's now back and ready to smash 2023.

Her latest single "Crash" showcases that she's going to do just that. An infectious offering, the single features a colourful melting pot of hard-hitting drums, driving bass lines and overdrive soaked guitar lines. Whilst on top, her vocals come drenched in personality and soaked in alt-pop sensibilities. "Crash" is an anthem that is made for large-scale singalongs whilst having an emotive tinge that will tug at your heartstrings.

Speaking about the track, she says: “‘Crash’ is my angriest song to date, and yet at the same time the most raw and vulnerable I’ve ever been. It’s about the worst before it gets better. It’s about losing someone you naively assumed would always be there only to realize that nothing lasts forever. That realization and grief can be so painful and numbing that it feels like no one around you could possibly understand what you’re going through. I started online therapy two weeks before writing this song and it really felt like ‘being hit by a bus’..”

Cristina Hart can boost a fair few accolades. She's worked with the likes of Matt Wills, Woody (Bastille) and Saltwives (Zayn Malik, Jason Derulo, Blackpink) as well as writing for other artists including Kenzie, Arthur Hill and Emie Nathan. She's an act that's attracting the right attention and is certainly not one to miss.


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