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Cross Channel Music's Unforgettable Album 'Man In A Dream'

Cross Channel Music has recently released a fantastic album titled Man In A Dream. This fantastic body of work is the perfect example of what this artist is all about in terms of personality and inventiveness, highlighting their remarkable ability to seamlessly open up to different creative ideas and take their music to a whole new level. Cross Channel Music is the solo project of French-born, London-based Pierre Lassegues, an enigmatic character for whom we struggled to find any clear press shots(!) Is there anything better than the energy of indie-folk combined with the storytelling of Americana? It’s hard to match this unique combination of styles, let alone letting it become a truly winning personal creative formula! However, this is definitely what Cross Channel Music has accomplished on this release, and the resulting studio work is so engaging, passionate and effortless, so much so that the audience is definitely going to want more from this talented performer, who has not settled into his comfort zone and has continued to explore new ideas and take his music to a whole new level of professionalism and appeal. Listen out for the charming singles 'Bygone Days' and 'Butter on Hot Toast', both previous releases, and enjoy the playful charm of 'I tried to make it up'. Meanwhile, opening track 'Visit our School' will have you thinking to Bob Dylan.

Find out more about Cross Channel Music, and listen to Man In A Dream, which is currently available on some of the very best digital streaming services on the web today.

Follow Cross-Channel Music for more info: Website | Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp



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