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Curse Of Lono Shines On New Album 'People In Cars'

Blending Soft-Rock with Americana in a wondrous haze of honesty and emotion, Curse Of Lono captures something special across his new album 'People In Cars'. Elegant, emotional and musically mature, 'People In Cars' showcases Curse Of Lono's voice as an artist at its most pure and potent as he captures an air of The National's Matt Berninger across the albums 11 tracks.

Thewarming sound pallet of washing layers of faded guitar, biting riffs, subtle synths, crunchy drums and Lono's warming, deep lead vocals are like a heated blanket that hugs you while you listen. Sometimes tear inducing, sometimes bluesy and groovy, this is a collection of tracks which can be considered a work of art.

From the US road trip image inducing 'Think I'M Alight Now' to the delicate and intimate 'Man Down' to the stunning duet with Tess Parks 'So Damn Beautiful', the album is jam packed with highlights and demands that you listen more than once and give it your entire attention. A must for any fans of The National or Bon Iver's second, self-titled album, this album comes highly recommended from me!

Listen below:



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