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Cyrill Reiser releases EP ‘Soul’s On Fire’

Born in Zurich, Seattle based artist Cyrill Reiser is an artist who records on the road, living a nomadic lifestyle, taking on experiences from his time in different cultures and injecting them into his music.

Cyrill’s latest offering, the EP ‘Soul’s on Fire’ is a project shrouded in adventure. Guitars are gritty and brooding, contrasted with happy-go-lucky acoustic chords. The track list is full of anthems for the traveller. The title track is dignified and inspiring. A catchy guitar riff and vocal melody with sing-along lyrics that are performed with an almost cheeky attitude. It’s confident and fun and shows the great songwriting ability that Reiser has.

On the track he says, “I wrote 'Soul's On Fire' during a time when I had hit rock bottom and was feeling utterly dejected. However, in that moment of despair, I had an epiphany: I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by mustering the courage to risk really living again. The song is a powerful testament to the transformative power of that process, and how it can light a fire within one's soul.”

Cyrill Reiser is an artist with a unique take and method to his music, constantly able to draw from new cultures and experiences, the artist is able to convey vivid stories with his music and bring you into his world.



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