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Dan Whitehouse reimagines his recent LP with 'Reflections On The Glass Age'

Photo: Simon Congdon

When singer-songwriter Dan Whitehouse released his captivating full-length 'The Glass Age' last year, it was met with enormous buzz and acclaim, synonymous with his progressive direction up until that point. But not looking to depart from those songs just yet, he now reimagines his previous LP as an acoustic collection entitled 'Reflections On The Glass Age'.

Stripping back the original production to unveil a warm and supple composition of lovelorn offerings, 'Reflections On The Glass Age' showcases even more of that emotionally-charged aesthetic he is known for. Keeping the sound as light as possible, therefore elevating Whitehouse's spectacular voice to the helm, this new release makes for an incredibly powerful listen that shows off some of his most passionate offerings to date.

Inspired by the separation he felt from loved ones during the pandemic, Dan added, “I had an epiphany. Screens are okay! We should embrace them. They’re magical, really. A portal to our loved ones, in our pockets, at all times.”

The songs may have been written and composed during a more troubled time, but that doesn't allow 'Reflections On The Glass Age' to feel out of touch. In fact these singles make up a tender and heart-warming story about his own experiences during the lockdowns, giving us more of an insight into who he is an artist and performer.

Enjoy 'Reflections On The Glass Age' below.


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