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Dana Luna releases thrashing, new single “Mascara”

Despite being in her early twenties, artist Dana Luna has grown up with a hunger for music that has expanded into something far more. She spent her youth checking out the latest band, gaining influence to write her own music until she eventually pulled the trigger during the latter part of the pandemic and wrote and recorded her own EP entitled, “Sorry, Did You Call Me ExTra?”.

“Mascara,” Luna’s latest single, features a punky-edge and a cheeky vocal performance that gives the track plenty of energy and make it an anthem of being young. Luna provides us with crunchy guitars and excitable drums that only add to the exuberance of the track. Throughout the track are elements of youthful motivation, perception of self with just the right sprinkle of young love’s wistfulness.

On the new release, Dana Luna says, “’Mascara’ was written in session at Mad Fox in Manchester with a little help from my producer Tayte, I knew I wanted at least one song on the album that was more reflective of growing up in Manchester & my old friends than on any previous relationship. It was the second to last song of the five (on the EP) that we recorded & I went verse by verse breaking down ideas from my Instagram & Snapchat memories. When we were a lot younger we used to scheme our way into clubs & bars with any given method we could think up, Mascara is a feel good nostalgic record about that first taste of freedom.”

With the EP on the way and an infectious style being portrayed by Dana, listeners should take this track and prepare for a project that brings together friends to reminisce in old times and make new memories.


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