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  • Ellie McGuire

Danny B The AirHead Presents New Single ‘Good Noise’

Danny B The Airhead’s new single ‘Good Noise’ is a testament to his music catalog with this vibrant production paired with his cool vocals.

‘Good Noise’ merges hip-hop and rap in an upbeat manner that will captivate listeners from the first note. ‘The track was recorded at home. Before Danny B The Airhead recorded this song, he was riding in the car with his very father and they were peacefully listening to his music library when an old-school rap song started to play. The rapper's flow is all he can recall. He remembered going over each bar's last three words in his head several times over the next few weeks. The instant he was able to record his version of that flow, he knew he was onto something truly special. He knew that this music deserved to be heard by more people, which is why he kept it for six years. He desired to hold off till he had more followers and more creative ideas for how to advertise it. When he first recorded it all those years ago, this song did not deserve to get lost in the never-ending throng.

The song not only showcases Danny B The Airhead’s musical prowess but also his sincerity, ardour, and commitment to developing his craft. His most recent piece showcases his artistry and fits in well with his entire musical discography to date.

“I didn't have anything in mind when I first wrote it, but listening back I realise I subconsciously wrote a song about being surrounded by a group of people who have a positive influence on you. They uplift you, inspire you, and most importantly, bring joy to your life,” Danny B The Airhead comments on the release.


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