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Daphne Eckman offers up the wondrous new single 'Jackson Pollock'

Photo: Mikko Dumadag

Ever since she first broke through with her stunning debut single 'Cannibal' in 2021, US singer-songwriter Daphne Eckman has been on an exceptional run. Turning out a wonderfully alluring array of releases in recent years, as well as touring around the east coast with her five-piece band, she is now back once again to deliver her shimmering new effort 'Jackson Pollock'.

Honing another warm and heady dose of vibrant textures for her latest outing, she is continuing to showcase some beautifully embracing songwriting once again. Brimming with this rich and captivating ideal that heightens her sweeping voice throughout, 'Jackson Pollock' is another shining example of her immersive direction to date.

Set to appear on her forthcoming debut album 'Where You Left Me' alongside the recent gems 'Iris' and 'Ghost', this new offering marks a vital moment within her career to date. While many in her field focus on what they think will work, Daphne Eckman is breaking the mould in its entirety and creating some beautifully mesmerising delights as a result.

Enjoy 'Jackson Pollock' below.


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