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Dario Xavier has dropped a remix of Miesa's "Worried"

Out today, famed DJ and producer Dario Xavier has released his remix of up-and-coming R&B singer Miesa’s track “Worried”. Predominantly focusing on a blend of contemporary R&B and modern pop, now teaming up with Dario Xavier latest single “Worried” has been imbued with a new lease of life and high-intensity synths.

Miesa on the remix:

"I love remixes. Since the beginning of my career it has always been important that we reach fans across all genres and remixes has always been a way to bridge the gap.”

Growing up surrounded by entertainment, performance and music with her father also being a musician, Miesa was destined to embark on a musical career of her own. Having already released a collection of well-received tracks, Miesa’s latest offering in the form of a collaboration with Dario Xavier is a refreshing and dancefloor hit that while still retains the original heart of the track is a joy to listen to within its own right.

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