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Darlin to Release New Single "Booze Hound" 9/22

Credit: Linda Stark

Indie pop artist Darlin has returned with her latest single, “Booze Hound” set for release on September 22nd. The track, featured on her debut EP Burnt Cake, is an upbeat take on the peak of the party. The EP is inspired by a breakup, and the stages of various nights spent partying in the aftermath. As the second track, “Booze Hound” has melodic breakdowns, funky bass, punchy guitars, and a chorus that begs to be sung. “In the heart of the night we’re shining brighter than champagne in the flashlight,” Darlin’s indie-tinged vocals depict the scene, vividly. Influence from Remi Wolf, Olivia Rodrigo, UPSAHL, and Benee is evident.

Based in Berlin, Linda Stark (AKA Darlin), found her musical footing early in life. A combination of 70s and 80s music, along with musical theater and professional voice lessons, shaped her artistry. With a BA in Jazz and Popular Music from Macromedia University, she co-founded her own indie record label Mosaik Records. She has been releasing her productions through the label since 2021, masterfully blending pop and indie sounds with that of yesterday’s music. Her style creates an atmosphere that captures both unicorn-like wonder and a touch of Dracula's allure.

“Booze Hound” was conceptualized and written entirely by Darlin, along with the rest of the EP. All vocals were recorded in her bedroom, and her guitarist Tim Welt and producer Fabrice Richter-Reichhelm worked on the instrumentals at Studi-yo Berlin. Till Kaefert provided mixing and mastering for this single.The single covers, art work, and the script-writing, directing and the post-production of the music videos were solely done by Darlin.

Speaking on the track she shares, “I created it with the intention to briefly escape from any bad feelings and just pretend that everything is okay, maybe even believe it for a while.” It is her favorite track on the EP, an anthem for the comfort of the party just before the crash.


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