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Dawg puts his stamp on Kid Cudi's 'Memories'

As a hip-hop producer, Dawg's production, writing, and studio prowess have enabled him to assemble a group of elite collaborators that read like a who's who of pop music. Between the clubs, radio, film and TV, and the Billboard Hot 100, Dawg’s paw prints have been left on records far and wide, from the likes of Tyga and Lil Jon, to Mac Dre, Ludacris, to loggin up studio hours alongside Scott Storch, Ant Clemons and Usher, and now he returns with his latest remix of Kid Cudi's anthem 'Memories'.

Inspired by Los Angeles’ melting pot parties like Space Yacht and Brownies & Lemonade, Dawg’s sound is a hybrid of rap-ready beats meets festival energy. Known as “junkyard bass,” the premise is simple - take the club-appeal of rap beats, and put the energy on steroids.

Speaking about the remix, he said, After hearing the Scotts record I was inspired to flip a Cudi joint and put Travis adlibs over it. And since Memories was a dance record originally, it felt like a unique and dope song to redo with a hip hop vibe.


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