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DENSE showcase their unique energy on their new track ‘Reckoning’

‘Reckoning’ sees DENSE tackle the frustrations of modern day life through their powerful, groove-led songwriting, reflecting their lyrical themes through dissonant melody and abstract, garage-punk soundscapes. Mixed by Ross Orton, whose credits include Arctic Monkeys, Working Mens’ Club and more, DENSE are certainly making a name for themselves.

Discussing the new single, DENSE share: “This was the first track we wrote together in 12 months post-lockdown, and it feels like the track absorbed and channeled a lot of our pent-up energy and frustration that the three of us individually experienced during isolation.”

DENSE are no strangers to intricate melodies and riffs, and their high-energy shows are turning heads in their hometown and beyond, bringing their powerful sound to the forefront of the scene through a thick screen of fuzz.



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