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Devin Sunshine releases ferocious debut album ‘Everything Melts In The End’

Orange County-hailing rapper and singer Devin Sunshine has crafted herself a unique sound, combining pop-rap, punk and classic hip-hop that has earned her a like minded fan base who share her high-energy, unapologetic attitude.

The new album from Devin Sunshine, ‘Everything Melts In The End’ is a ferocious, thoughtful and unapologetic project with a track list that is full of anthems and strength. Whether Devin takes her hand to more sparse, melancholic tracks or the high energy, confident rap bangers, she consistently delivers the self-secure, attitude that inspires all the same feelings in her listeners.

Devin shares, “’Everything Melts In The End’ is a genre expansive album expressing some of my most deep and emotional life experiences throughout the last decade of my life. Your twenties are a pretty crazy decade. And while I'm not out of them yet, I've had quite a few deep and momentous existential experiences in the last several years that have inspired this album.

Exploring themes of love and fear, the cycle of life, and working through trauma, this album takes you on a cyclical journey from start to finish. At the end of the outro track you hear a tape rewind, signifying the cycle of life and implying that it's not quite the end, but a new beginning.

The title of the album is taken from a poem I wrote years ago, that actually ended up being the intro track of the project. The spoken word poem ends with the line "I forgot to tell you... everything melts in the end." Which is similar to how the outro poem ends. In short, this phrase is about realizing and acknowledging that this life we're all experiencing is a short one. And cherishing every single moment, from the joy to the grief to the excitements to the traumas, is of utmost importance. Because we're here for a brief, magical glimpse. And then we all melt in the end.”



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