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Dezabel Releases New Track 'I Don't Wanna Wait No More'

Entering the new year in style, Swiss producer/singer/songwriter Dezabel has released his newest genre bending single I Don’t Wanna Wait No More.

Teaming up with Irish singer Calvin Biasi and american singer Jazelle Paris, both of whom offer powerful and textured vocals that steer the song in an emotive direction, Dezabel’s newest creation is a blend of new school and the old. A rich soundscape is created by the use of dynamic guitars, vibrant beats and emotion fuelled vocal layerings.

I Don’t Wanna Wait No More infuses all the best elements from R&B, EDM and Pop for a polished production with an abundance of character and emotion. The underlying messages of friendship and its importance in the current climate as well as the infectious melody pair effortlessly as a song that will be swimming through the listeners head from the first captivating note.

Having spent years studying music at esteemed musical institutions Dezabel has an intimate understanding of his craft and has perfected the fundamentals. Forever a student of the industry he loves he continues to work with musicians the world over, studying their techniques and outlook towards the craft.

With a plethora of hits in his discography Dezabel is happy to add another in the form of I Don’t Wanna Wait No More.

Listen to I Don't Wanna Wait No More here:



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