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Dezabel shares his dazzling new pop anthem ‘A Little More’

Producer Dezabel describes his sound as ‘Zurich meets LA’ which is especially apt when you consider the euphoric European pop elements of his production in combination with chart-worthy R&B sounds. ‘A Little More’ blends swirling synth sounds with dreamy guitars and a melodic bassline under a soulful female topline for some seriously slick results.

Sharing the meaning behind the track, Dezabel shares: “Have you ever been lazy in your relationship? This song tells the story of what could happen to you.”

Berklee College of Music graduate Dezabel has one goal in mind: create some seriously sophisticated pop music, and if his latest offering is anything to go by, he’s certainly meeting that goal. Taking inspiration from commercially-friendly sounds, Dezabel puts his own spin on the pop formula, giving every track a special, undefinable aura.


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