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Di Ivories delivers golden single 'Offer My Spine'

Miami artist Di Ivories takes us from A to B to Z with their genre-defying, super catchy track, ‘Offer My Spine’. Euphoric synths meet jazzy chord progressions and glittering bell sounds for a truly unforgettable and eccentric song.

Di Ivories’ weird and wonderful lyricism matched with an almost theatrical vocal delivery creates an uplifting sound that would be as fitting in a ballroom as it is a downtown New York boozer. Samples of chatter can be heard across the music, setting a scene of a bustling and busy hotspot with Di Ivories taking centre stage.

Speaking of ‘Offer My Spine’, Di Ivories frontman Diego Martinez says: “The process behind writing the song was an inner struggle to combine two opposite emotions and make them sound like they belonged together. The verses are dark and almost evil sounding, while the choruses sound hopeful and energetic.”

If this eclectic and sprightly track is anything to go by, Di Ivories are in for one hell of a musical journey .



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