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  • Ellie McGuire

Diggis Rhyming Flows Bring ‘Straight Chillin' Pt2 Be About The Balance’ To Life

Diggis’ latest offering ‘Straight Chillin' Pt2 Be About The Balance’, is a hip-hop track composed to a smooth and conscious anthem to evoke a calm and aware state of mind. The track serves as a commemoration of his evolution and growth, as well as his commitment to moving forward.

The storytelling is impactful as the anthem evokes a calm state of mind. Infusing various styles such as soulful, 90s Boom Bap, and old school, there’s a chill liveliness on the track that will capture the listeners’ attention from the very first beat.

‘Straight Chillin' Pt2 Be About The Balance’ is a sequel to 'Straight Chillin' Pt1' that was featured on his debut album, Small Town Stories. Diggis expands the original idea of chilling in the rainforest on your day off concept, as he continues to rhyme about his life's responsibilities, spiritual growth, and healthy living.

“The song is a self-reminder, a symbol of growth, and a new chapter in the journey of self-improvement and discovery.” - Diggis comments on the track.

It’s a notable release from Diggis, with a groovy vibe and moving hip-hop flavours that make this particular track a worthy listen.

Be sure to check out, Straight Chillin' Pt2 Be About The Balance:

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