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  • Alice Smith

DLG. and Healy Collide in the Laid-back Reverie of 'NO SLACK'

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter DLG. teams up with Healy to deliver the introspective and laid-back single “NO SLACK,” a melodic reflection on the unforgiving nature of the music industry. Collaboratively penned during a period of turmoil and nomadic existence, the track encapsulates the precarious balance between ambition and adversity.

DLG. shares the backstory behind 'NO SLACK, revealing the song's genesis during a challenging time marked by illness and stress. Despite the hardships, the track emerged as a testament to resilience, serving as a creative outlet amid adversity. Healy, resonating with the sentiment of instability, lends his voice to the track, amplifying its authenticity and emotional depth.

Speaking on the track further DLG. states "I'm thankful for my career and everything I've achieved, but for most artists, there's always a feeling that the ground you stand on isn't stable, and you have to keep moving or you'll sink. There's no room for error.”

As DLG. embarks on this new chapter of his career under Los Angeles-based independent record label 10K Projects, “NO SLACK” serves as a testament to his evolution as an artist and his unwavering commitment to authenticity. With his genre-defying style and infectious melodies, DLG. is poised to make waves and continue his ascent in the music industry, cementing his status as ‘one to watch.’


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