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Dolce Blue showcase hazy sounds on ‘Sugar Free’

Alt-pop Western Australia four-piece Dolce Blue has released a new track entitled ‘Sugar Free’. Initially introducing a dark and gritty bass line, followed by gentle electric guitar melodies and a hazy vocal performance, the band set audiences up for a rough-edged rock track. By the chorus, however, the band effortlessly brings the elements together for a brighter enchantment. A perfect balance between fuzziness and optimism the track continues to dart and dive between emotions, elegantly gliding through a musical journey.

Vocalist Veronica shares a comment on the track, “When I’m not making music I work freelance events, and in early 2023 I was working at this particular music festival as the artist liaison which inspired Sugar Free. I was thinking about all these big music acts, and fulfilling all their lists of requests for food, drink, and other things, and just got a bit caught up in wishing I was on the other side of things, to be one of the artists. I work to fund my music, which is hard when after it all I don’t have as much time or energy as I’d like to put into the music. So this song is me wishing that my dream of being a full time artist could be a reality.”

Debuting with the single ‘New White Sneakers’, closely followed by the 13-track album Forever Is Too Long. Dolce Blue have seen ongoing support across national radio with their self-made sound. Supporting acts such as Sly Withers, Shag Rock, Noah Dillon, Lucy Peach, Dulcie, Little Quirks, and Ghost Care, the band is fresh from their debut nationwide tour and an unofficial showcase at BIGSOUND 2023. 2024 is set to see a deluxe edition of their impressive sophomore album Sweet Melancholy.



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