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Don & The Dreamers Release New EP 'Something Else'

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Don & The Dreamers marks the return of legendary Slade drummer Don Powell. Demonstrating that he's still a rocking drummer, the band make their debut on their three-track EP 'Something New', a collection of blues rock covers from a band clearly enjoying their craft and enjoying 'rocking out'.

The EP's lead single and title track demonstrates the band at their peak; energetic, tight and demonstrating impeccable playing from a band full of musical experience. Biting guitar lines fill the soundscape under the growling, full-throttle lead vocals accompanied by a guest appearance from Michelle Birkballe before bursting into a rip-roaring guitar solo.

Speaking on the single and upcoming EP, the band add: "We have kind of formed a circle around Don, this kind and humble person, almost in a way that reminded me of The Traveling Wilburys (Dylan, Harrison, Petty and Lynne) and Roy Orbison, "preserving the gold", you can call it"

"Everything has been so easy and relaxed - we just play what we enjoy, no acting, no starfucking, and when we are together it's sheer fun!. "And then again the dreams always remain: we all played the Roskilde Festival many times, could the next be Glastonbury... haha they'd never want outdated oldstars like us!"


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