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DOVE-i collaborate with Mike Harvey on new track ‘Default’

The latest offering from DOVE-i is ‘Default’ a track that merges classical music and R&B, with a rich feature from vocalist Mike Harvey, known for lending his voice Grammy winning projects, TV shows and film. The track features warm string arrangements, which are backed with sleek yet disjointed synth design and an consistently grooving drum line. Mike delivers an impassioned vocal performance that finalises the melting pot for an incredibly atmospheric piece of music.

DOVE-i is a collective that seeks to collaborate with as many different artists as possible, expanding their own musical spheres whilst sharing tracks that are ever-evolving. Masterminded by Thomas Verovski and Bastide Donny, who each have different directions, they offer a unique signature sound that is contemporary yet cinematic.

Speaking on influences, Thomas shares, ”I come from a jazz and classical background as a pianist, with a speciality at the musician Institute in Los Angeles. And I’ve mostly worked on soundtracks of beautiful documentaries for France Television and Arte among others.”

Bastide adds, “I was working on music productions in my home studio and we were spotted by Luc Besson, who is one of the few filmmakers in France who is willing to give work opportunities to young people who have not yet done much. And it was a good fit, One thing leading to another, he offered us the opportunity to produce the score of a second feature-film, a third film, etc.



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