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DOVE-i- release new single “The Revolution”

DOVE-i- are a musical collective that aims to push genre barriers as far as they will go. They have a futuristic vision of music, and look to expand their sonic landscape. Thomas Verovski and Bastide Donny are the masterminds behind the collective, with their unique influences combining to create a signature sound.

This sound can be heard in their latest single "The Revolution." An infectious single, DOVE-i- is emotionally-penned and hard-hitting. The track features a colourful melting pot of thrashing drums, atmospheric synths and smarty-written bars by Rioux V who addresses the BLM movement. Accompanying the track is an equally impactful music video (which can be found here.)

Speaking about this, they share: “The text of the song is inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. But for the video, we wanted to go beyond this message and make the subject more universal.We imagined "The Revolution" as a resurrection.The video takes place in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, a land of concrete, deserted and without color. The few survivors wander around in rags, dying out one after the other. From the ashes of this civilization, hope is reborn in the form of a woman. Through a series of choreographed scenes, the message of hope spreads among the survivors. It is a unifying wind, a breath of revolt, but also of harmony and unity.”

DOVE-i- fans should get excited. With a new album on the way, they aim to explore new musical styles and push boundaries even further.



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