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Drew Davies announces album ‘Holloway Nights’ with misty new single ‘You’re The Only One’

Hailing from Glasgow, and with performance experience across the UK at the likes of Scala, Underworld, Download Festival and Brudnell Social, Drew Davies has become known for his ominous yet caring soundscapes. Supported by radio across the UK, including BBC Radio 6, Planet Rock and Amazing Radio, Drew’s musical journey has seen him constantly expand his discography, harnessing his direction.

Most recently, Drew released ‘You’re The Only One’, alongside an announcement of his second album ‘Holloway Nights’. The new track builds on the recent slew of singles, once again balancing the dark and light in a passionate performance. Drew merges ethereal affections with resounding folk arrangements, creating the perfect backdrop for his soaring and emotional vocals.

He shares, “If Holloway Nights were a series of diary entries on the life cycle of a relationship, then ‘You’re the Only One’ would be the first entry. I wrote the original chords late one night after a chance encounter caused a frisson in me, the words followed shortly behind...It encapsulates the warmth, rapture and uncertainty felt when we first have that romantic fire lit in us. It’s my truest work to date.”

‘Holloway Nights’ is set to be Drew’s most expansive work to date. Taking on the world around him and converting it into masterful songwriting, filled with themes of love and loss. With the project, Drew truly shows he has something to say, and proves people should listen.



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