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Drex Carter releases melancholic single 'idk'

seeyousoon member Drex Carter has returned with new music, and he never disappoints. With a more stripped back and chilled vibe to this new release 'idk' it has a very vibrant and melancholic feel about it from the off. It feels like a kind of release from Carter, who wrote this song about getting trapped in your mind and struggling to get out of it.

Sometimes you gotta just let go and accept that whatever's gonna happen is gonna happen regardless, so you might as well just sit back and enjoy the ride.” - Drex Carter

Continuing his ever consistent form, he has released this stunning video alongside it which perfectly visualises and encapsulates Drex's thoughts and feelings. Constantly switching between different settings, the video matches the emotion of the track, and Carter's effortless flow is again put to the forefront.

Check out the video for 'idk' here:



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