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Dublin producer Cheesmore creates a sonic journey on his new alt-pop track ‘Suffocating’

Dublin artist Cheesmore combines thoughtful musicality with UK Garage-inspired beats and mesmerising production on his new track ‘Suffocating’. Cheesmore pulls elements from multiple genres, adding cinematic strings to his alternative and experimental pop sound, amplifying his complex and emotive chord sequences and song structure. He also opens up about insecurity and relationships with his musicality reflecting the melancholic nature of his lyricism.

Cheesmore was thrust into the spotlight in 2020 with the release of two EPs, ‘Warmish’ and ‘Becoming, Beginning’. Although he is still early on in his career, Cheesmore is making a big impact with his unique production style and is destined for big things this coming year.

Take a listen to 'Suffocating' today:


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