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Duke & The Dry Cleaners release jazz infused song ‘Orchid’

London Funk outfit Duke & The Dry Cleaners have dropped their latest single ‘Orchid’ featuring Japanese artist Hannah Warm, well known for her work with Tokimeki Records.

The track blends soulful guitar riffs with catchy vocal melodies, delivered through a retro filter. Oozing rhythm and energetic from start to finish, ‘Orchid’ will have you moving in no time.

Oli Duke (lead vocals/keys/songwriter/co-producer) began working in a London studio with co-producer Arjun Doel on a project that eventually developed into Duke & The Dry Cleaners. Each has brought their own musical identity to the table, resulting in a unique sound combining funk, disco, soul, jazz and dance. With hundreds of thousands of streams on their previous releases and an ever growing audience, Duke & The Dry Cleaner just keep getting better.

Talking about the new track, Duke & The Dry Cleaners share: “Working with Hannah Warm on this track was a real privilege, her vocals really take it to another dimension. Collaborating with another artist overseas was an amazing experience for us, we learnt a lot to take forward into future projects. ‘Orchid’ has been a long time coming; we love how it's turned out and can't wait to share it.”

Featured artist Hannah Warm also shares: "Oli and I got to know each other through Instagram. We liked each other's songs, hit it off, and led to a collaboration. While communicating online, I recorded in my studio at home. I am also in charge of artwork with the image of the Orchid flower. I think it's a very cool and exciting collaboration between the UK and Tokyo."


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