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Dylan Joshua contemplates on the digital era with ‘Shordies vs The Internet’

From his lyrics to his visual portrayal, Dylan Joshua constantly pushes his work to its fundamental depths and reasons. Dylan Joshua brings an honest, authentic, in-depth sense of feeling to his music as a deep thinker going through life's trials and tribulations. Dylan brings a rugged feel to an oversaturated music culture replete with glitter and glitz or dramatised hard-knock lifestyles, while talking about reality and the emotions that come with struggling from a common man's perspective. Making a beautiful comeback 'Shordies Vs The Internet,' full of deep, soul-satisfying bass and somber melodies, Dylan Joshua prompts a deep contemplation on the digital era and conflicting agendas.

Talking about the new track, Dylan Joshua shares: “It’s just my perspective of feeling how much the internet's culture affects the people around me. Even when you don’t completely buy into it yourself, it becomes a standard the people around you start to abide by, eventually affecting you. And even though you don’t seem to know anyone living a life as simple or perfect as the internet makes it seem, we still aim for it, we believe in it. It starts affecting our wants and desires, changing the way we view our own relationships or body or material possessions.”

Dylan Joshua yet again delivers his honest, true, in-depth sense of self, this time focusing on the pressure of conformity that the internet seems to have on our culture. Listen to deep contemplations of the digital age in ‘Shordies vs The Internet’, out now.



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