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Edie Yvonne continues to shine on her innovative new single 'Delusion'

Throughout 2023, LA's Edie Yvonne established herself as one of the more exciting names on the rise that year. Turning out an almost unstoppable stream of rich and glossy alt-pop delights, she is now looking to bring that same energy into 2024 as she delivers her innovative new single 'Delusion'.

Exploring and pursuing more of that warm and enticing aesthetic she has become known for in recent months, her newest effort marks another bold and tantalising step forward within her musical evolution to date. Brimming with this fresh and enjoyable groove that sits perfectly alongside her dreamy vocals throughout, 'Delusion' shows that she is ready to get us back on board with her once again.

While her 2023 was certainly a crucial moment in cementing her impressive career to date, it seems clear that Edie Yvonne is still building and developing new aesthetics to call her own. Highlighting some of the more passionate moments of her songwriting to date, 'Delusion' is the teenage starlet back to her best.

Enjoy 'Delusion' below.


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