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Edie Yvonne continues to shine on new single 'Girl Code'

It almost feels as if there hasn't been a time in 2023 when Edie Yvonne isn't at the forefront of our minds. After an incredibly broad and diverse run of releases throughout the last few months, the teenage prodigy is back at it once again with her shimmering new single 'Girl Code'.

Honing another rich and heady dose of those vibrant alt-pop ideals she has been peddling since she first emerged, her newest offering is bold and dynamic progression within her aesthetic so far. With her dreamy voice leading the charge throughout this enchanting new delight, 'Girl Code' is a wondrous return, filled with passionate textures at every turn.

Usually new artists in her field prefer to take things slow during this phase, but Edie Yvonne just keeps turning out the hits left, right and centre. Barely a faltered moment in her expressive catalogue to date, 'Girl Code' is another tantalising bow in her diverse musical quiver right now.

Enjoy 'Girl Code' below.



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