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Edie Yvonne delivers her take on No Doubt's 'Sometimes...'

Photo: Cathryn Farnsworth

Over these last few months, fast-rising artist Edie Yvonne has rarely put a foot wrong. With such an embracing array of releases under her belt already, she is now looking to celebrate No Doubt's recent live return at Coachella with her take on their classic single 'Sometimes...'

Matching the same smooth and vibrant aura of the original, her rendition of 'Sometimes...' has this incredibly alluring and riveting presence to it. Beaming with this sweet and tender aesthetic that perfectly suits her captivating vocal style throughout, Edie Yvonne continues to deliver more of that shimmering alt-pop she is earning a reputation for.

While we have already said plenty about her over these last few months, it is great to hear that she continues to push herself out of her comfort zone to develop her sound further. Following Gwen Stefani's vocals is never an easy feat, but she seems to take on the challenge with gusto and aplomb.


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