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Edie Yvonne offers up her captivating cover of 'Fade Into You'

Photo: Cathryn Farnsworth

Throughout her impressive tenure to date, Edie Yvonne always looks to make something beautifully emotional out of everything she touches. And after her compelling rendition of No Doubt's 'Sometimes' heightening that presence even more, she now offers up her version of the Mazzy Star classic 'Fade Into You'.

While the original is renowned as one of the more impactful releases of the 1990s, Edie Yvonne's spellbinding vocals make light work of its euphoric direction. Blending those pipes with a sweet and serene production from start to finish, her rendition captures all the same heartfelt tenderness while also adding her own unique flair throughout.

Lifted from a new covers EP from the fast-rising talent, 'Fade Into You' is another marvellous addition to what has already been an incredible streak of releases recently. Building upon her illustrious persona throughout, Edie Yvonne can do no wrong right now.



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