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  • FLEX Staff

Electronic Duo Punt Guns Are Back With Self-Titled Album

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Back with another incredible release, London electronic duo Punt Guns delivered their vibrant debut self-titled album “Punt Guns” last month.

A dynamic 8-track album, “Punt Guns” brings together a captivating collection of anthemic, electronic rock and pop power tracks; complimented by cutting edge instrumentals, and striking vocals that demand and captivate your attention. Honing and progressing their unique and idiosyncratic brand of artistry over the past 2 years; the release of their album is a culmination of innovative sounds, built to create an immersive sonic experience unlike any other.

Talking in more depth about the creative process behind the album, the band explained We were so impressed with our first recording session at Assault & Battery studio where everyone gelled together that we blasted through four tracks in a couple of hours. The recording process also took us to Dean Street studios in SoHo and after all 8 tracks were recorded we realized how awesome it was to work with world-class producers Andy Wright and Gavin Goldberg. It was magical - there was no "work", there was a moment when it all happened with a natural flow because everybody knew what when and how to do this!"

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