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ELIZZA takes us through our 20s on self-titled debut EP

London-based musician ELIZZA reminds us to love ourselves on luscious self-titled debut EP on which takes us on a journey through our 20s. Focusing on messages of self-worth and love, the melodic and powerful project sets Elizza up as the girl power icon we all need in our lives.

From exploring the unpredictability of a new relationship and listening to our hearts on "Down For the Ride", meditating rough patches and emerging stronger in delicate number “Love Me Like You Used To,” and allowing ourselves the freedom to make mistakes and even take joy in them on sultry offering “Sins,” to celebrating independence on the anthemic and fierce “Bad Girls,” the EP moves through various moods and experiences, all wrapped up her ethereal vocal quality and intricate soundscapes.

Latvia born Elizza who grew up in love with music has carefully crafted an artistry that simple yet packed with punch and emotions as she unveils her full artistic potential and leaves us looking forward to everything that’s to come from this rising star.

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