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Ella Isaacson releases expressive new single 'Armageddon'

Ella Isaacson wants to make her mark on 2022 with her latest single 'Armageddon.' Released through SoundOn, TikTok's new distribution platform, Ella Isaacson joins the likes of Munilong and Nicky Youre to push their music through the platform. In a sea of emerging artists on TikTok, Ella wants to push her career even further and hopes to do that with her new infectious track.

'Armageddon' is irresistible, playful banger. Guitars, synths and backing vocals are a pool of melodies and ebb and flow between each other creating a catchy but intricate sound. Drums are bold and pierce through the mix, creating a fantastic foundation. On top lies her vocals which are catchy and pop-driven, but tinged with emotion - the track showcases an impressive range of vocal dynamics, which will keep you glued listening.

The track also has a positive message. Rather than avoiding personal narratives of self-image, attractiveness, and insecurity, Ella shines a light on her inner monologues, empowering herself and others in the process., "I've always been an over-thinker; it's both my curse and my blessing," she explains "I'm not sure there's ever a moment where my brain really rests."

When it comes to the new single, Ella says: "Armageddon is a song I wrote after the worst breakup I've ever had. The love I had for this person turned sour. I became angry once I realised I believed in all of his false promises. The good girl turned bad and it was war.“

Ella's writing, as a lover of words, illuminates the trials and joys of creating your own person. Her mature perspective and ability to articulate it distinguishes her as a master of her craft, giving modern-day pop a classic flavour. “There's the you, you show to the world, and then there's the version of you nobody really knows but only sees glimpses of. My music is a commentary on that duality and what that can mean for young people struggling to find themselves. She has already gained plenty of accolades. Having amassed over 40 million streams so far, Ella has produced breakout hits like 'Ruins' which peaked at #10 on US Viral chart and #30 on the Global Viral chart on Spotify. With so much achieved already, there's no stopping the singer-songwriter.



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