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Elle Winter Says Yes To "Candy" & No To F-Boys in New Single

Every summer we need a song that is so sickly sweet (in the best way), it makes you want to scream-sing. Luckily for us, Elle Winter hits the mark with "Candy." Described as track that is "a sassy, tongue-in-cheek song that is equal parts fun and empowering," the single is dedicated to all the f-boys out there who like to sweet talk but not follow-up with their actions.

On the inspiration behind her new single, Elle shares, “Candy is a playful, cheeky, yet empowering song about not tolerating sweet talking and game playing in any relationship. I want people to sing along, dance and have fun with this summer, soulful jam while being reminded that they deserve to be treated with respect and decency always.”

This is Elle Winter's way of saying they got their just desserts. Check out the song now.



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