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Ellysse Mason drops her new single ‘Uppercut’.

Ellysse Mason is back with 'Uppercut', written about the youthful nativity. A slight departure from her typical nostalgic synth work and roaring choruses, the single is stripped back venture similar to that of Holly Humberstone in her rawest form.

Discussing the single Ellysse explains that teenagers “do a lot of damage to ourselves to show off to our peers, without thinking of the consequences”.

Alongside her loyal fanbase, Ellysse has also gained the support of industry professionals with regular international and regional radio play with the likes of BBC Radio 1 and Radio 6, as well as being championed by BBC Introducing. ‘Uppercut’ is Ellysse's maturest output yet despite its narrative, exploring deeper depths of her versatility as a writer and artist.


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