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Emerging hip-hop two-piece Hippie Tribe are the real deal in new single 'Goku'

If you've been following FLEX for a while, you may have already encountered Hippie Tribe's fantastic new single 'Goku'. We simply can't get enough of it, so we're doing a full feature for you to dive straight in, head first. Bringing you up to speed, Hippie Tribe are a two-piece specialising in creating innovative R&B, hip-hop, pop music that will leave the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. A sound instantly recognisable as their own, 'Goku' feels like an instant classic with the potential to blow the duo up.

A face-melting number that specialises in leaving you picking your jaw up off the floor, 'Goku' doesn't follow your typical rulebook. There's no specific hook, no catchy bridge that will get stuck in your head, instead, it's a fast-paced minute and a half song filled with attitude in all the right places. Based in Brooklyn, their core fan base is chomping at the bit for their next release, as they’ve been loyal from the humble and organic beginnings of Hippie Tribe. Whether it’s 2017 and the band is playing in a college student’s backyard for 30 brave souls, or it’s present-year and the band is booked to headline at legendary NYC venues like TheMercury Lounge on August 21st, the love and appreciation has never faltered. Fortunately, there’s still time to jump on theHippie Tribe rocket, and while we now know the amount of work and passion the dyad put into their music, the ascension during and after Summer ‘21 will seem as if they are overnight sensations. The closing message is simple and tantalizing from the Tribe - “See you soon"

Stream "Goku" below - it's a fierce anthem with a radiant personality.

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