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Emily Coupe's trailblazing 'One To Blame' is just the beginning.

Experimenting with varieties of genres and elements within her music is nothing out of the ordinary for the ever-evolving pop/country artist Emily Coupe. The Australian-born juggling a resume of Hollywood projects together with a music career is an epitome of a powerhouse. Projecting the releases of multiple singles over the upcoming year, Emily kicks right off with the single ‘One To Blame’, a blazing, explosive blend of classic pop styles, propelled by anguish, driving beats, and resilience.

When it comes to the new single, Emily shares:

“It’s about that fire inside that pushes each of us. I wanted to capture that sting of failing, toxic relationships and turn it into something that unfortunately many out there – especially young women – could relate to.” The song is somewhat of a departure for the typically joyful Australian-born half-Asian, half-English artist. “That pressure to push on, very much a part of my personal experience, I think is present on ‘One To Blame’”

Emily Coupe's star is rising, as her single comes in both the music and film worlds, and she is set to feature in the upcoming film "The Crossroads." 'One To Blame' is projected to be the first of numerous releases for the artist this year, providing prospects for Emily to reach a wider audience. The new single of the growing and glowing Emily Coupe, ‘One To Blame’, is out now!



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