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enclaves releases colourful new E.P "COBALT"

Producer, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist enclaves has certainly stamped his mark on the music industry. Blending together pop, indie and electronic together, enclaves has managed to create a unique sound that has been lauded by fans and tastemakers alike.

His latest offering comes in the form of E.P "COBALT." A colourful offering, the E.P will be sure to pick you up and take you on a music journey. "Iwillneverleaveyou" comes as the standout track with it's powerful visual accompaniment. With danceable beats, heartwarming instrumentation and divine vocals, the track is irresistible and works well with the rest of the E.P

Speaking about the E.P, he says: “What I hope to do with COBALT is to evoke a certain feeling – memories of a past romance, a late night out on the town, driving through the night with the windows down. It’s a record that’s got its fair share of love songs for sure, but they’re interspersed with tracks that highlight the general unease and anxieties of the times we live in. COBALT is about living, loving, losing, and surviving through it all.”

We, for one, think that 2023 is sure to be his year.


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