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Pop duo Encore Navigates a Flurry of Memories in their Retrospective Track "In My Head"

Let Flex introduce you to your new fave band: Winnipeg duo Encore, who just released their first single of 2021: “In My Head.” After gaining a devoted following with their hit "Tell Me," now the band is ready to go to the next level with the genre-defying track "In My Head" which pulls from the duo's influences in pop, rock, and hip hop.

When asked about the inspiration behind “In My Head” Encore states, “"In My Head" is about the reflection of memories and recognition of how certain things can remain with us for a long time. When you think back, it becomes clear that even though time goes on, that person or specific memory stays with you and continues to play a part in your mind.”

Check out their infectious new song "In My Head" now

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